Saguaro and Power Lines

Non-Native Palm in Rare La NiƱa Storm

Mono Lake Tufa Towers

Invasive Burmese Python Crossing a Parking Lot in the Everglades

Mangroves, Everglades

Dead Trees and Ash in Burnt Area of Drought Stricken San Bernardino Mountains

Ponderosa Pine Dropping Cones After Fire

Whole and Molested Stalactites in Caribbean Cave

American Alligators

Genetically Modified Mosquito Larva

Invasive Tumble Weed, American West

Only Grove of Natural Native Palms in Arizona High in Mountain Ravine

Unseen Animal Moving in Everglade Mangrove Forest

Power Lines, Smoke and Ash Near Forest Fire British Columbia

Naturalized European Honey Bees in Western United States

American Alligators

Fence and California Drought

Satellite Crossing the Dotted Path of an Airplane Between an Ocotillo and Side View of the Milky Way

Vehicle Passing Cacti in The Quiet of the Sonoran Desert

Invasive Oriental Bittersweet Strangling Native Trees on Hudson River

Common Housefly

Overpopulated Evergreen Forest Near Fires British Columbia

Mangroves and Stars, Everglades

Saguaro and Ocotillo Near Border Patrol Road

Common Housefly Feeding and Regurgitating

End of US-Mexico Border Wall