Ranked in the top ten advertising photographers in the Americas by Lurzers Archive International, Zelman relentlessly explores the spirit and psychology of his work. Sought after for his highly expressive portraits and lifestyle photography, Zelman creates an entirely immersive environment for his subjects to engage with. His commitment to capture real moments with genuine emotions is seen throughout his eclectic range of work, from editorial stories to commercial campaigns. His work attained the International Center for Photography's "Deeper Perspectives" award, was printed on the cover of The Commercial Arts Photo Annual, and is collected by museums internationally. Zelman is also a seasoned film director who works on motion campaigns with diverse clients


Represented by Bernstein & Andriulli




P: 619 806 3686

E: info@bilzelman.com


19 Crimes, 49ers, Apple, Aria Casino, AT&T, Allstate, Atlantic Records, Bancorp, Bank of America, Bank of New York, Barnes & Noble, Bayer, Beats by Dre, Becks, Blackstone Wineries, Bose, Budweiser, Bushmills, Capitol Records, Caesars Palace, Champs Sports, CocaCola, Columbia Records, Comcast, Crest, Dennon, Electra Bicycles, Enbrel, Fast Company, Flamingo Casino, Ford, Frye Boots, Fanta, GQ, General Assembly, Giant Bicycles, Google, Guinness, Hard Rock Hotel, Harley Davidson, Harper Collins, Herbalife, Hyatt, Intel, Jack Daniels, Jacuzzi, Jim Beam, Jose Cuervo, Kyocera, Lee Jeans, Levis, Liberty Mutual, Lowes, Manscaped, Men’s Journal, MGM Grand, Michelob, Microsoft, Miller Brewing Co., MinuteMade, Mojo, NASCAR, National Geographic, Outdoor Magazine, Pfizer, Polk Audio, Qualcomm, Quicken Loans, Radisson, Rayban, Reebok, Revo, Rite Aid, Rio Grande, Rolling Stone, SAP, Seagrams, Shure, Smartwater, Snapdragon, Sony, Sonos, Sound United, Spin, Sprite, State Farm, Stone Brewing, Sub Pop Records, Target, Taylor Guitars, Temecula Tourism, The New Republic, The Sak, The Smithsonian Magazine, W Hotels, Ugg, UPS, UV Vodka, United Airlines, University San Diego, Vanity Fair, Verizon, Vice Media, Virgin Megastores, Virgin Records, Walmart, Webber Grills, Wired.


Taylor Swift, Kristen Wiig, Louis CK, Jerry Seinfeld, John Legend, Don Chedle, Zach Braff, Jason Segel, Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Werner Herzog, Judd Apatow, Tony Hawk, The Shins, Rocky Dawuni, Jason Mraz, 311, Sarah McLaughlin, The Rolling Stones, The Beach Boys, Ron Jeremy, Metallica, Scott Weiland, Thurston Moore, Elmo (Yes, Elmo), Kimbra, The Album Leaf, Danny Trejo, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Trent Reznor, Frank Blank, Story of the Year, The Pretenders, Mana', Blink 182, Orbital, Invisible Children, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Nine Inch Nails, Tommy Shaw, Nicholas Sparks, Arrested Development, POD, Pennywise and others

Select Exhibitions and Permanent Collections

2023- Winner of "American Photography"

2022 "And Here We Are" Interactive Installation
PhEST, Monopoli, Italy

2021 - "And Here We Are" Multi-Media Show
Cortona On the Move, Italy

2020 International Festival of Visual Narratives
Tuscany, Italy

2019 - "And Here We Are - Stories From the Sixth Extinction"
Published by Daylight Books

2019 - "And Here We Are - Stories From the Sixth Extinction"
Lucie Awards, "Deeper Perspectives"

2016 - "American Sand"
Lucie Foundation, Month of Photography

2015 - Isolated Gesture
Spark Gallery, San Diego, CA

2014 - Center of Fine Art Photography
Ft. Collins, CO

2010 - Lucie Foundation, "Dusk"
Los Angeles, CA

2010 - Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego, CA

2008 - Portland Museum of Art
Portland, Oregon

2007 - Isolated Gesture
Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR

2007 - MOCA "Interactions" Exhibit
Ft. Collins, CO

2007 - Newspace Center for Photography
Portland, OR

2006 - Isolated Gesture
Voice 1156 Gallery, San Diego, CA

2005 - Center for Photographic Arts
Carmel, CA

2005 - Museum of Photographic Arts
San Diego, CA

2004 - Light and Representation
C.E.P.A. Gallery, Buffalo, NY

2003 - "Conversazione"
Nicole Dintamin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

2002 - Isolated Gesture
University of California, San Diego, CA

2001 - "Street Work"
Nicole Dintamin Gallery, Los Angeles, CA